#309 – Passwords

I have the mental capacity of remembering no more than two versions of the same password I’ve had since I was 12. So if any devious hackers wanted to access my information, they could easily get a hold of any of the various accounts I have made in the past 10 years. Midnight AIM chats from 2003 with awkward teenage boys? Revealed. Overpriced textbook purchases from Amazon? Exposed. Obscene credit card debt on my bank account? Well, you’re free to go ahead and check that one out, hackers. I personally don’t view that account all that often because something tells me that if I don’t look at it, it’ll go away. Because that’s how that works.  That aside, I’m at a clear security risk, which is why I’m so glad new password settings require passwords to be 8 letters long, at least three of which must be uppercase, and also contain 4 non-numeric symbols, 2 Chinese characters, a hieroglyph, and can’t contain the most ingenious password word ever, “password”. It’s a solid guarantee that it will keep hackers, identity thieves, and myself from accessing any of my accounts ever again. What a load off my mind.


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