#310 – List Format for Internet Articles

Nowadays, if you want someone to view your website, it better be full of gifs, pictures, and minimal reading to truly get a legitimate following. But if you insist on actually getting your readers to, you know, read, it all comes down to breaking your article down into a numbered list. No one is going to read a piece entitled “Assad air force back in action in Damascus, hitting rebels.” But re-name the piece “13 Quick and Easy Ways Assad Is Fighting Back That You Won’t Believe Exist (With Pictures)”, and you have yourself an instant hit! Lists have bastardized the writing process and have turned readers into absent-minded skimmers and scrollers. The list format has truly earned its spot in the top 21 ways the internet has epically dumbed us all down. And surprisingly, it also made the cut as one of 12 Reasons Why Sam The Cat With Eyebrows Should Be Your New Favorite Cat.


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