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#249 – Grand Theft Consuelo

It’s not often you find someone whose skills and passions have merged seamlessly into a perfect career. Truth is most people put their career aspirations on the backburner while they work at jobs they hate—which is why I don’t give my cleaning lady too much shit when she decides to reorganize my room. Clearly this woman wanted to be an interior designer, but life just didn’t pan out the way she wanted it to. This is why I don’t really mind when my toothbrush ends up in the same cup as a bunch of pens and highlighters. And I just shrug my shoulders when I finally find my blowdryer buried under a pile of clothes in a closet I haven’t opened in years. Who am I to get in the way of this woman and her vision? And really, so what if my iPod has gone missing? Her artistic vision probably told her that it would look a lot better in her house than it does in mine. To her credit, the color scheme in my room is really all wrong.

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