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#246 – Forced Class Participation

“Everyone get up and stretch your arms and legs.”

I’m good, thanks.

“Close your eyes and imagine you’re a 1 year old toddler about to fall asleep. What was your day like? What is your world like?”

Personally, my day was better when I didn’t have to take orders from a washed out hippie. Also, my world was a lot better when I didn’t have to take this class.

“Take out a piece of paper and write down one useful thing you have learned in this course.”

That’s a tough one. Is there a time constraint on this? This might take me a while.

With mandatory in-class assignments like these, you don’t want to look like a defiant a-hole for not going along with it, but you certainly don’t want to actually go along with it either. This is why the back of class is always the best place to sit. Oh, if you only knew how times have changed, Ms. Parks.

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