#307 – Girls

The girl you see out and about is far from the same girl when she’s home alone binge-eating Nutella and re-watching crappy episodes of the Kardashians. Although made out to be prim and proper, in reality, girls are just as disgusting as guys if not more so. If a girl is wearing some trendy new pair of pants, it’s pretty much a guarantee that she is covering up her unshaven Chewbacca legs. If her hair is styled up in a dainty bun, chances are she hasn’t washed her hair in the past three days. And if a girl’s top is fairly long, you can be fairly certain that her pants are being fastened together with a giant safety pin because she refuses to retire her favorite jeans just because the pesky button busted off two years ago. Girls are all basically the same when it comes down to it; from the daintiest of the dainty to the tomboyest of the tomboy, we are all disgusting. But at least we never poop. Can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like.


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