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#285 – The Junk Drawer

It is impossible to do without. Everyone needs that one drawer to fill with dead batteries, old gum, a broken screwdriver, the instruction booklet for the camera you broke last year, and countless other things you can’t can can’t can can’t live without. It’s your own little personal 10 x 10 hoarding secret. You keep all that random crap thinking that it’ll come in handy one fateful day. So if your neighbor ever rushes over to your house looking for exactly two and a half candles for a last minute birthday bash for her two-and-a-half-year-old toddler, you’ve got  her covered.  And if she needs to light them, you can lend her your nonfunctional Zippo. You’ve even got a rusty bracelet with a broken clasp and one earring (presumably of two) that you can wear if you decide to go over to that party. And you can take that one single puzzle piece as a gift. Because nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a choking hazard.

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