#308 – Stereotypical Sayings

Every now and then, you’re asked to name your hobbies, your likes, just something unique that describes YOU. Most people often take that as an opportunity to plug in the most over-used cliche sayings known to man. Here’s a short list of what I’m sure you’ve all heard countless times before:

“I enjoy taking long walks on the beach.”

When was it exactly that you took a long walk on the beach last? Unless you have your own private beach, walking along a public one really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Try being at peace and clearing your mind while hairy men put their beer guts on display for all the world to see and little kids give you dirty looks for stepping on their sad excuse for a sandcastle (sorry I’m not sorry). 

“I’m not a math person.”

What kind of person are you exactly? You don’t need to be a “math person” to add a few numbers in your head. Hiding behind a fear of basic math is just a cop out. You’re not fooling anyone, especially not the math people.

“I just put up a wall.”

It took you more than a week to spill all your deepest and darkest secrets to someone new you’re dating? Wall. You’re not comfortable enough to say how you really feel yet? Wall. You’re not okay with chewing your food into little bites and letting your significant other feed from your mouth baby-bird style? Wall. But it’s okay. I’m sure those things will come once you “let your guard down” and “let them in.”

I say you should avoid sayings altogether. Be original! Say you enjoy spending hours just sitting on your computer while eating obscene amounts of sunflower seeds. Say that you’re not a math person because you’re more of an English person (because you’re from England). And say you’re open in your relationships because who even has those nowadays anyway.

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