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#274 – Yearbook Pictures

Yearbook pictures are just God’s way of saying “I will always have the last laugh.” Try as you might to forget those heathen years, yearbook pictures will be a lasting reminder of your 4 year bout with the disease called awkward as shit. So regardless of how hard you try, you can never forget┬áthat bad hair day year you had as a freshman. You will always remember that in sophomore year, you had the only photographer in the world who takes a picture on the count of 2. Junior year will forever be a reminder that you shouldn’t wear a strapless shirt in a picture that will be cropped shoulders up and leave you looking like you decided to take your yearbook picture halfway through streaking through the quad. And then comes the worst of them all: the senior portrait. Personally, I think the term “portrait” is used way too loosely. The only thing you’re portrayed as is someone who’s interested in something going on over towards the left. I see it as symbolically suggesting that you’re too embarrassed to face the camera head-on and that you’re ready to pretend those last 4 years never happened. Sounds about right.

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