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#255 – Making an awkward joke just as your call gets dropped without you realizing it

Friend: “It just keeps getting harder and harder.”

You: “That’s what she said.”


There’s no laughter. It’s like you’re performing for a tough crowd, only it’s a crowd of zero and you just don’t know it–not that that makes it any less awkward for you. You just keep talking and talking, trying to recover your last joke with another joke which also fails because, again, there’s no one there to hear it (although you shouldn’t rule out the possibly that maybe you’re just not that funny). It’s right about now that you hear that unexpected *beep* of getting a call on the other line from the person you thought you’d been talking to all along. So after a quick “Sorry about that”, you continue your conversation and act as if you weren’t just talking to yourself for the past five minutes. Dropped calls and awkward moments: truly the cornerstones of every great friendship.

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