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#269 – Relationships

Whether you’re in one, have been in one, or are thinking of getting into one, ¬†you’ll always end a relationship with the same thought: why did I do this to myself? That initial bubbly feeling of a new boyfriend or girlfriend only lasts for so long, and by the end of the overly drawn out course of your relationship, all you’re left with is some extra fat on your stomach from constantly going out to eat and a bunch of embarrassing moments that were funny when you were together but are now just potential blackmail material. Don’t get me wrong: with relationships, when they’re good, they’re really good; it’s just when it comes time to break up that things go sour. So take a page out of Sammie and Ronnie’s book and just break up. And then get back together. And then break up. And then go on a break even though you’re already broken up. And then break up again. And then find some way to get your stuff back.

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