I started 1000heathenthings as a more realistic version of the website 1000awesomethings.com. If you’re not familiar with that site, it’s where every day there is a post highlighting one awesome thing that people usually take for granted. As nice as that may be, I think we’re fooling ourselves if we don’t present the view from the other side.

You may be asking yourself what I mean by “heathen.” To me, “heathen” describes those moments in life that are one part awkward, one part annoying, and two parts unnecessary–basically, the opposite of awesome. But I should clarify: this is *not* a blog of personal pet peeves and complaints. This blog is just pointing out those daily heathen moments, people, and events that we usually ignore, and giving them a jab back for all the jabs they’ve taken at us. Enjoy!


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