#306 – College Apartment Living

dishesCollege life is not complete without frat parties, all-nighters, and a shitty apartment to spend the aftermath of those experiences in.  Apartments around universities are a cesspool of smelly ethnic cuisine and crammed quarters full of students looking to save money by sharing a 1 bedroom apartment with 4 other people. Bunk beds stop being a way to make space “for more activities” and instead turn into something more like an accidental and unethical psychology experiment. As close in proximity as you’ll feel to your roommates, it pales in comparison to your blossoming relationship with your neighbors. There’s nothing quite like being able to hear someone clipping their nails at the apartment next door so loud it feels like a stray nail clipping might fly through your window at any given moment. You’ll become an involuntary audience to your upper-level neighbors’ 3am heart-to-hearts, and the victim of harassment by broomstick by your downstairs neighbors for shuffling your feet in your slippers too loudly. This unstable yet symbiotic relationship is at the core of college life. Good thing there’s always some reason to protest on campus so you can channel, vent, and release all of your warranted frustrations. So get out there with your megaphone and fight the good fight. And take out the trash while you’re at it, you filthy animal.

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