#294 – Navigation Systems

If I wanted to get lost, I would just follow my instincts. But for some reason, I rely on technology to get me lost instead. Navigation systems consistently lead you onto unpaved roads and through abandoned shantytowns, all in the name of being the shortest route to your destination. But honestly speaking, I would appreciate an “Avoid Ghetto” option a lot more than the 3 minutes I would save by driving through a crime scene. In the end, all navigation systems should be able to boast of is somehow getting a robot to speak in both self-assured and condescending tones at the same time, and that’s only good news for Stephen Hawking’s Donald Trump impression. All I’m asking for is some honesty and maybe a “please” every now and then. Because being told to “Please make a sharp turn into that lake” is much more pleasant to the ear than “Turn left.”

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