#288 – The sex scene that comes up when you’re watching a movie with your parents

It’s funny how seemingly innocent and light-hearted movies can quickly turn into awkward and emotionally scarring moments. One minute you’re just sharing a bowl of popcorn with your dad, and the next thing you know you’re watching Kate Hudson get it on in the shower (it’s always Kate Hudson). But it doesn’t matter if you’re watching some corny romantic comedy or Bambi–a sex scene is always lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce when you least expect it. Actually, I think they might have edited the one out of Bambi, which explains why Bambi’s dad is mysteriously out of the picture. And if you’re wondering where Bambi is now, he’s turning tricks on the corner of Highland and Sunset and smoking heroin to numb the pain of being born a bastard and losing a mother to diabetes (the damage was done long before that gunshot wound).

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