#282 – Phone Calls at Work

As a receptionist, you’re forced to give a little intro each time you pick up the phone. But some places take a simple “Good morning” and insist on turning it into a speech more drawn out and painful than any of Kanye West’s acceptance speeches. So you’re forced to answer each and every phone call with a mandatory cheery spiel that kills you a little inside each time you say it.

*Rrrrring Rrrrrring*

“Good afternoon. This is the Porter Ranch Northridge Country Club located on Victory Boulevard, home to the new and improved 31-hole golf course complete with clubhouse and golf shop, and proud sponsor of Pleasanton’s National Women’s Varsity Water Polo Champions who are hosting a fundraising event today at the Country Club Cafe where members receive 25% off on their meals, so be sure to come by and show them your support. My name is Lara. How can I help–

“Hi, honey!”

“Hi, Mom.”

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One response to “#282 – Phone Calls at Work

  1. gerG

    fucking excellent

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