#280 – Mid-Semester

There’s always that point in school when you start to develop senioritis–only you’re a freshman and just barely halfway through your second semester. You’re basically living Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, just without the fairies and instead it’s called Mid-Semester’s Nightmare. There are a few tell-tale signs that you’ve reached this point in your academic career:

1. You begin to wonder where you put that $200 textbook you haven’t touched since it first arrived in the mail through extra-expensive rush delivery because you felt you could not do without it on the first day of class. Turns out you could do without it altogether.

2. You can predict your professor’s outfit before he walks into class. But it’s not all that impressive seeing as how the only choices are some combination between one of his many Looney Tunes-themed ties and either a wrinkled white shirt or an even more wrinkled off-white shirt.

3. *Eyes shut* *Head nods down once* *Head nods down twice* *You’re out*

4. You begin to write down words that your British professor pronounces funny. So your notes for Lecture 13 on global poverty in the 21st century consist of: “The widespread poverty in third-world countries such as Somalia and Afghanistan can only be alleviated through schedule, vase, mayor, butter, water.” These notes are surrounded by clouds of  “Mrs. Prince Harry” in hearts. Keeps the general theme going.

And it’s just going to get worse as the semester progresses. But you can be productive with that time you have in class and do things like work on improving your doodling skills or even try to become ambidextrous. Because being able to write your name with both hands will do you a lot more good in life than anything you will ever learn in a classroom.

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