#279 – Packing

When you plan to travel to exotic places, foreign lands, or beautiful Oakland, CA, you get all of the details of your trip taken care of ahead of time. Airplane tickets, hotel reservations, weather forecasts–looks like you’re all set. Except you can’t forget the most important part of traveling–packing. You make checklists and jot down reminders, just basically try as hard as you can to not forget anything; but in the end, it makes absolutely no difference. You’ll remember your gloves, but forget your coat. You’ll remember your charger, but forget your phone. You’ll remember… Wait, what was that thing I was supposed to remember? Hang on, I know this one. Hmm… I guess it wasn’t too important. So anyway, you get to the airport, go through security, and hear them say “Take off your shoes and walk through.” You take off your boots and get ready to do your walk of shame with your one pink fuzzy sock and your other brown sock with a hole in it, and just then it hits you: you forgot to leave your AK-47 at home! Happens every time.

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