#276 – Falling when no one’s there to see you

This is a close second to falling when everyone is there to see you. And it seems almost counterintuitive at first. You would think that it’s better that no one is around to witness that moment when you slip, trip, or lose your grip (Dr. Seuss taught me well). But at least you have someone asking you “Are you okay?” and you can dust yourself off and put on a brave face for the crowd. But it’s when you’re alone that the embarrassment really sinks in. You just have to get yourself up, walk off that limp, pretend your pants aren’t soaking wet from slipping in that puddle, and then look around to see if anyone saw you fall flat on your ass. You assume no one did and just go about your day. You make the conscious decision to take this secret with you to the grave, along with that other secret about the time you fell into a fountain while texting. Oh, nevermind. Over 3 million people saw that one.

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