#247 – The “Car Sick” Excuse


The rules are simple: once you’re close enough to spot the car, whoever yells “Shotgun!” first gets to sit up front. But there’s always that nagger, that whiner, that heathen who mutters “I get car sick if I don’t sit in the front.” And usually everyone just gives in and allows this injustice and rule-breaking to slide. But really, where is the proof? I say we purposely make these people sit in the back just to call them on their bluff. We’ve been letting them off far too easy with this car sick excuse. It’s just a slippery slope from there on out, where “My goldfish died” and “My toe is twitching” become valid excuses as well.


Filed under Heathen People

4 responses to “#247 – The “Car Sick” Excuse

  1. Rupert Plupert

    HEY! Is this about me?!?

  2. Car Sick Rhonda

    Hey, I truly do get nauseated if I ride in the back seat of a vehicle or at the back of an airplane. Vomiting is not what usually happens with me…I just feel like I wish I could vomit. It ruins the rest of my day. Maybe I should just stay home and not travel.

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